Andriod FAQ's
Q. How do I download the KMK App?

A.The user can download the Khel Minto Ka Application from the play store or distribution platform where the Application is made available

Q. Who is eligible to participate in the contest?

A.Details of the eligibility criteria are given below:
1.Any user who is 18 Years and above at the time of registration
2.User is a resident of India with a valid Indian address
3.User must have an existing bank account
4.User must have a Permanent Account Number (PAN)
5.User must not be under any legal disability e.g. insolvency, restraint by court order etc. and / or is prohibited from entering any contractual relationship

Q. How do I register on the application?

A.In order to register the user needs to enter his/her 10 digit mobile number, accept the T&C and then click on the SIGN UP button. The user will then receive a One Time Password (OTP).When entered; the OTP will be verified at the back-end post which the registration process will be completed

Q. If I don’t receive the One Time password (OTP) during the registration process, what do I do?

A.If the user doesn’t receive a One Time Password, he/she needs to resend the request for obtaining OTP. This issue occurs due to weak network connectivity.

Q. Is it mandatory to disclose my personal details to fill up the registration form?

A.Yes, it is mandatory to fill your details because if you feature in the TOP 10 winners in the weekly finale these details will be needed by the KMK team to contact you.

Q. Is it necessary to connect the application with social media?

A.No, it is optional for the user to connect with social media, however we recommend you to connect with them as it is more fun to play with friends.

Q. With which social media account can I log in on KMK?

A.The user can login to the application by using their Facebook or Google plus account.

Q. With which social media account can I log in on KMK?

A.The user can login to the application by using their Facebook or Google plus account.

Q. Once I log with my Google account, can I log in with Facebook and vice-versa?

A.Yes, you can log into both accounts individually as well as simultaneously.

Q. Can I play a game with my Facebook & Google plus friends who are not on my contact list?

A.Yes, the user can play a game with his/her Facebook and Google plus friends if his/her KMK account is synced with Facebook or Google plus account

Q. How do I use the KMK app?

A.The user can use the tutorial option under the help tab to get a brief on how to use the app.

Q. Can I skip the tutorial screen cast?

A.Yes the user can skip the tutorial screen cast. All you have to do is, tap on the “X” icon at the top right corner of the screen cast, and the tutorial will be shut

Q. KMK asks if I want to auto-add friends. What does that mean?

A.When you sign up for a KMK account with Facebook, KMK invites you to auto-add friends.

If you say yes, KMK will add all users’ Facebook friends who are already using KMK to your KMK friends list. We recommend you auto-add friends; it makes finding friends to play against much easier and playing KMK with friends makes the game much more enjoyable :)

Q. How do I unlink my Facebook account?

A.f you created your KMK account with mobile number, and then later linked it to your Facebook account, you will be able to unlink it.

Note: If you created your KMK account by signing up with Facebook, you will not be able to unlink the account.

You can unlink your Facebook account either through the KMK app or by logging in to

1.Open the in-app sidebar menu and tap Settings (at the bottom of the menu)
2.In the Settings screen were the user will see Facebook and Google + options
3.Click the button that says "Log Out” on the Facebook and Google+ options

Q. How long do I have to wait for the content to be published?

A.Submitting content does not guarantee that they'll be published in KMK.

We receive a vast amount of contributions every day and it takes our editors a while to look over each one carefully, so please be patient.

It's difficult to determine exactly how long it might take us to look over your content rest assured though; we read over each and every submission and if the content you've submitted fits our needs and is fit to publish on KMK you will be notified.

Q. What kind of questions is asked during the game?

A.General trivia questions ranging from wide of range of subjects from Sports , Films, general Knowledge, Science, History, etc.

Q. What is the thumb icon indicate on the home page?

A.The thumb icon recommends the user to play the categories that he/she has played the least. However the icon will keep changing after every game depending on the categories the user has played.

Q. What does the “Brand Logo” on the on the home screen indicate?

A.The brand logo indicates the sponsors of the quiz category where the logo is flashing.

Q. What does challenge option indicates when I click on the category option?

A.The user can challenge any friend who has downloaded the application and who is online. If the person to whom the challenge sent is offline the person will get a notification for accepting or rejecting the request. However the notification sound should be ON.

Q. What is Challenge group? How do I make a group?

A.The challenge group allows the user to play/challenge multiple players simultaneously (max 4 including the user). The user can make a group of maximum ten players from his/her contact list. The user can create a challenge group by clicking on Friends>>Create group >Add from list> Okay

Q. What is a Scoreboard?

A.The score board enables the user to view the scores of friends in his/her contact list as well as top scores across India for the respective categories.

Q. What is a Leader board?

A.Based on the number of correct answers and the time taken to answer the questions, the user will receive points. The Top 10 scorers in terms of points will be displayed on the Leader board on a daily basis

Q. What is the quiz scorecard?

A.Quiz scorecard lists the top point scorer for that particular quiz category on a particular day

Q. Does KMK have a feature where I can choose which player I want to play against?

A.A user can choose his/her opponent only if the opposite players existing in his list of friends accepts the challenge or else random opponent will be selected.

Q. What if I want to play only random users?

A.User can use the “Play Now” option to play with random users

Q. Can I challenge a friend who is offline? Or how will I know when someone has challenged me if I am Offline?

A.The user will receive a notification to play a game when he/she is offline only if the Challenge Notification is on. Any user will receive Challenge Notification only if the notification is switched on in his/her settings.

Q. What do I do if the user is online and I still see him as ‘Offline’ in the friends list?

A.In such situation the user need to refresh the page by pulling the page down. The status of the user is refreshed each time the page is scrolled down.

Q. Will I receive notification to play a game even if I am offline?

A.Yes, the user will receive a notification to play a game when he/she is offline only if the Challenge Notification is on.

Q. What will I do if the person who I want to challenge is not responding to my challenge request?

A.If the opposite player is not responding to the user’s challenge request, the user can either‘RESEND’ the request to him again or can click on the ‘PLAY NOW ‘option which will connect the user to a random player.

Q. How long do I have to wait for the opponent to accept or decline the request send to play a game?

A.The user will have to wait for max 60 seconds for the opposite player to accept or decline the request sent to play the game.

Q. Can I challenge a friend even if he/she is already playing a game?

A.No, the user cannot challenge a friend who is already playing a game. He needs to wait till the other user finishes his game.

Q. What happens if I challenge a friend and his status is showing as Playing?

A.The friend will not receive the notification to join the game since he is already playing a game, in that case your request may not be accepted.

Q. How do I send a friend request? How do I accept or delete the friend request sent to me?

A.A user can send/accept a friend request or delete a group made by the user by clicking the ‘Friends and groups’ option. However if the friend request is accepted the user cannot delete or block the friend.

Q. Do I get any benefit if I invite any friends or add new people to my group?

A.A user can add people from his/her contact list and gain two coins provided the person from the user’s contact list downloads and uses the application. But the free coins will be earned only if the invite is send via “free SMS”

Q. Will I be charged for inviting potential users via SMS?

A.No. The SMS that you send for inviting potential users are FREE of cost and there will not be charged for any SMS

Q. Will I receive a notification if someone adds me as a friend?

A.Yes, the user will receive a notification if someone sends him/her a friend request provided the friend notification is switched on in his/her settings

Q. Will I get a notification if a friend has joined or I get a group invitation?

A.Yes, every time a player from your contact list joins, you will be notified about the same.

Q. Does KMK have a platform wherein I can chat with other players?

A.No, KMK does not have a platform where a user can chat with other players

Q. How do I exit an ongoing game?

A.The user can exit from the game by clicking on the surrender icon which is on the top right of the mobile screen

Q. What will happen if I exit the game mid-way? Will I be able to resume the game or will it be forfeited?

A.If the user exit the game mid-way or the game gets disconnected due to any other reason (phone call, any notification such as app, messages, phone hangs etc. the match will have to be re-played. The previous match will be lost.

Q. What does the booster icon on the left side of the mobile screen indicate? How do I purchase boosters?

A.By clicking on the booster icon, the least likely options disappear. Yes, you can purchase boosters by clicking on Store > Purchase Booster provided the user’s mobile operator is subscribed to the KMK application (Idea, Vodafone, AirCel, and Airtel).

Q. What is the scoring system designed for the app?

A.The scoring system is as follows
1.For every second left for the question 2 points (starts with 12 Sec)
2.You will receive 10 coins on completion of the game
3.Booster pack will add another 10 points for every correct answer
4.For each victory you’ll get additional 10 points

Q. Do I earn coins by playing the daily games?

A.No, the user does not earn points by playing the daily games. The daily games enable the user to prepare for the finale contest. However if the user appears in the top ten on the Leader board on the basis of his/her rank he/she will receive coins as a reward.

Q. What is the purpose of buying coins?

A.The coins allow you to buy boosters which can be used during the game and to buy weekly finale ticket.

Q. What is ‘Buy Ticket’ option for? And how is it useful?

A.The ticket will allow you to enter the weekly finale contest which is conducted every Thursday at 9:00 PM.

Q. How do I replay the quiz game with the existing opponent under the same category?

A.The user can click on the ‘Rematch tab’ on the screen which appears post the quiz is over.

Q. What does the Green and the Red icon on the top of the play screen indicate?

A.The Green icon indicated that the opponent has chosen the correct answer, whereas the Red light indicates that the opponent has chosen the wrong answer

Q. How do I replay the quiz game with the existing opponent under a different category?

A.The user cannot play a new quiz with the existing opponent under a different category. After the existing game is getting over he will have to click the home tab select the category which he wants to play and re-challenge either a friend or a random user depending on his/her choice.

Q. What if I want to challenge random opponent post my existing game is over?

A. The user can click on the ‘Challenge Random’ tab on the screen which appears post the quiz is over.

Q. How to share my victory status on any social media? What are the available platforms wherein I can share my status?

A.The user can share his/her victory status by clicking on the ‘Share’ tab on the screen which appears post the quiz is over. The various platforms available for sharing the status are Facebook, Google+, WhatsApp messenger, Twitter and other social networking sites

Q. Does my victory or loss in a match get automatically posted on Facebook?

A.A user's’ performance in matches does not automatically get posted on social networking websites. A user will have to post it manually.

Q. Can I add a random player who is not on my friends list?

A.If the user has played a game with a random player and wishes to play more games with him, the user has an option to add the random player to his/her friends by clicking on the ‘Add ‘option that appears after the game is over. The player will then have to accept the Friend request and only then will he reflect in his KMK Friend list.

Q. What are the icons that are displayed on the page once we win or lose the match?

A.The icons are of the partners that MAVM has associated with for the Khel Minto Ka application.

Q. A question in KMK is wrong, you should fix it! How to report inaccurate questions?

A.In order to report a problem the user needs to click on Flag Icon (appears after the game is over) > Select type > Enter text > Submit.

Q. Are insights available for all questions of the game?

A.No, insights are not available for all the questions of the game; they are only available for selective questions

Q. What does “i” tab on the home screen indicate?

A.“i” tab on the home screen indicates information tab

Q. Where will I find the list of categories available for playing the quiz?

A.The user can click the sidebar of the screen and click on the home tab which will list down the exhaustive list of categories available for playing the quiz.

Q. What does the Activity option in the sidebar indicate?

A.The activity options give the user a summary of their activity in terms of pending challenge request and friend request.

Q. How do I buy coins?

A.You can buy coins from the “store”. To buy coins, you have to select the side bar menu and then choose stores tab. Once the stores screen appears click on “buy and send” coins option and then select the number of coins you want to purchase.

Q. What should I do if my coins are exhausted?

A.The user can either purchase new coins from ’Stores’ or get them as gifts from friends.

Q. How do I send coins as gifts to friends?

A.The user needs to click on the ‘Store’ tab and click on the send coin option, then select the amount and of coins to the gifted and then select the friends,

Q. How do I accept coins as gifts from my friends?

A.The user needs to click on the sidebar and select the ‘Activities’ tab and accept the gifts by clicking at the bottom section of the screen.

Q. Can I view the number of quizzes my friend has played?

A.Yes, the user will be able to view the number of quizzes his/her friend has played by clicking on Friends/Groups>>View Profile

Q. Can I view my stats?

A.Yes, the user can view the number of games he/she has won, lost, tie, average score, average answer time by clicking on the ‘Statistics’ option from the sidebar menu.

Q. How do I see my score history?

A.The user can see his/her score history by clicking on My Profile>>History. The user will be able to view the history details of the player as well as the opponent screen

Q. How do I change my display name?

A.Follow these steps to change your display name: should see your profile picture and display name at the top. Tap that and you are on your profile screen.
2.Tap the little gear / settings icon on the profile screen to view the profile settings.
3.Under profile picture you should see a Display Name box, and there you can set your display name it to whatever you want (well, almost whatever you want; no profanities please!)

Q. How do I change my profile picture?

A.Are you bored with your profile picture or wallpaper on KMK? Then follow these steps:
1.In the sidebar menu you should see your profile picture and display name. Tap that and you'll arrive on your profile screen.
2.Tap the setting tab in the top right corner of your profile screen to view the profile settings.
3.Tap the circular image to change your profile picture. You can take a photo, upload a picture from your phone, choose one of the default KMK avatars, or update it with your current Facebook photo.

Q. How do I change my location?

A.Are you playing KMK in your hometown in Mumbai, but for some reason it are appearing as if you’re playing from Delhi? You can fix your state or country location easily.
1.In the sidebar menu you should see your profile picture and display name. Tap that and you'll arrive on your profile screen.
2.Tap the little settings in the top right corner of your profile screen to view the profile settings.
3.From there you should be able to choose your Country, State and City.

Q. How do I switch off the game sound?

A.The user can switch off the game sound by clicking on Settings >Game sound off

Q. How do I change the notification settings for my phone?

A.To change the status of the notification popped on your phone, click on the sidebar at the top left corner of the phone, go to the settings option, under the notifications tab, you can on / off settings as desired.

Q. How do I enter the weekly finale contest?

A.The user can enter the weekly finale contest by purchasing the finale ticket. In order to purchase the ticket the user needs to click on the weekly finale option. The user needs to click on the register icon on the page. He will be then directed to the store where he/she needs to buy the finale ticket either from the reserve coins they have or purchase coins from the Google play store. Once user have purchased the same user are registered for the weekly finale automatically.

Q. How do I purchase the weekly finale ticket if my operator is not listed?

A.Every user needs to have sufficient balance (coins) in the KMK account to purchase the ticket. In case if one finds his Mobile operator is not listed, the user needs to purchase requisite coins through the Google Play store by using any payment gateway

Q. What are the steps I need to take care of before entering weekly finale?

A.The following steps are required to be taken care of by the user while entering the weekly finale:
1.The user needs to check Do’s & Don’ts
2.The user should not receive / answer any calls during the quiz time
3.The network connection needs to be reasonably strong and active
4.The user should have the pan card handy which is required for the eligibility check

Q. Why do I need to provide my Pan Card details at the time of entering the weekly finale contest?

A.As per the eligibility criteria, the participant needs to be 18 years and above. We need these details for verifying this information. At any given point of time if the information provided is found be incorrect the prize of the winner will be forfeited.

Q. How many days in advance can I buy the ticket for the weekly finale?

A.The user needs to register on or before Wednesday 11:59 pm of that week to register for the current week’s finale. For e.g. Mr X registers at Wednesday 11:59 pm April 22, 2015 he is eligible to play the weekly finale held on April 23 2015.

Q. What day and time is the weekly finale organised?

A.Currently the weekly finale is scheduled to be played Every Thursday @ 9:00PM. (The day and time can change as per management decision; however the same will be reflected in the Application in the Weekly finale tab).

Q. How long will the weekly finale quiz last?

A.The quiz time will be about 2 – 5 minutes, and the pre-game waiting time will be 10 minutes (I.e. 20:50 – 21:00 is the waiting time)

Q. How can we get to know the start time of the weekly finale?

A.The user will receive an automated notification 10 Minutes before the start of the game to join the Finale, however the user needs to be ready 10 minutes before irrespective of the fact he/ she receives a notification

Q. Will I get reminders for registering for the weekly finale?

A.Yes. User will get push notifications from the KMK app intimating the time remaining for registering for the weekly finale

Q. Will I get a reminder notification for time remaining for the weekly quiz?

A.Yes. User will get push notifications from the KMK app for prompting the amount of time left for the weekly finale to start.

Q. What are the advantages of playing regular quizzes?

A.The advantage of playing the regular quizzes are:
1.If you feature in top 10 list for a day, you’ll get 10 free coins
2.The weekly finale questions could be from the questions which appear in the regular quiz played daily

Q. What if I am unable to join the game in the due time?

A.The user misses the game.

Q. What if there is a low network / or the battery dies during the finale? Can I resume playing the game?

A.No. The user will miss the game and the points the user has scored are not considered for declaration of the winner

Q. How will I know whether I have answered the questions correctly or incorrectly during the weekly finale?

A.The user will be able to view all the questions he/she have answered correctly once the game is over

Q. If I’m amongst the weekly finale winner, can I participate in the next weekly game?


Q. What prize will I get if I win the weekly finale?

A.The user who wins the first place in the weekly finale will win a grand prize of Rs 25,000/.The second to ten prize winner will win a cash prize of Rs 1000/- * The mentioned prizes are only indicative in nature and are subject to change as per management decision.

Q. What if multiple users have scored same points and appear on the KMK wall?

A.The winners are declared on the basis of the most correct answers in the least amount of time answered, with further division if required to determine the winner. In case if still a clear winner couldn’t be determined, the person who has won the maximum no of games for that week will win the prize money. In case if this number is same then the prize money will be divided equally between the users.

Q. How can I see the number of tickets I have purchased in order to play the weekly finale?

A.The user can view his / her purchases by clicking on My profile>>My purchases

Q. Will I get a refund in case I am unable to play the weekly finale? (App not working, slow connection) Etc.

A.The user is not entitled to any refund if he/she is unable to play the weekly finale. For more details kindly refer to the Terms & Conditions on the website

Q. How will I know if I have won the weekly finale?

A.The results of the finale are declared immediately on completion of the game. User on the game over screen comes to know his Rank. He can also compare his rank with his peers from the KMK Wall tab.

Q. What documents are required for receiving the prize?

A.The following documents need to be submitted for receiving the prize:
-Age proof - PAN card Bank account number and
-IFSC code (Cancelled cheque / bank statement / copy of the passbook / Bank form filled as per specimen available)

Q. Why do I need to put my PAN card details after I win the game?

A.PAN Card is the unique identification document collected from the user. It is used for further identification while claiming the prize.

Q. Where do we submit the necessary documents that are required to claim the prize?

A.Winners are supposed to submit all the necessary documents on the KMK website in the format which is mentioned on the website.

Q. Is there any timelines by which the documents need to be submitted?

A.Yes. All the documents need to be submitted within 6 days of completion the finale. I.e. If the user is the winner of the current finale (Thursday) then he/she needs to submit all the documents before the coming Wednesday before 11:59 PM

Q. Will I receive a notification if I have not adhered to the timelines?

A.Yes. User will receive notifications from the KMK for reminder / follow-up for requirements of the document.

Q. What if the documents that I have uploaded on the website are incorrect?

A.The user can’t modify the document once submitted. However, these documents will be rejected from the backend team. Once these documents are rejected, the user can submit the revised documents on the portal, but such a revision is allowed only once and that too within the stipulated deadline of submitting the documents. Please provide documents at least 24 Hours prior to the deadline for the KMK team to review.

Q. How will I receive the cash prize?

A.You have to upload a scan copy of the cancelled cheque and a copy of the passbook and or bank statement or Bank form in the format requested.

Q. What if due to any reasons we are not able to submit the documents in the specified timelines?

A.In case of Non submission of the complete documents within the timelines the prize money is forfeited

Q. When will I receive my prize?

A.The winner will receive his/her prize money once all the documents are verified by the MAVM/KMK team. The amount will be transferred to the winner’s bank account within a weeks’ time, and in case if the user has chosen a Gift voucher the Voucher, it will be sent on the email id provided by the user.

In case of any further questions you may please write to us on